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Jason & Tricia Goguen - "Just a quick note to let you know that we really enjoyed our stay at your beautiful cottage! It was lovely and the setting was just outstanding! This is a wonderfully appointed home with every amenity accounted for. Just what we were looking for! Everything was perfect! Thank you for making our vacation time a memorable one!" Smithville, ON


Cam & Tara Johnson - "We had a terrific time. The week we had following our wedding at your Cottage was heavenly and gave us a unique opportunity to have extended peace and quiet, and time to focus on each other. Very, very special time, in a very special place." Ottawa, ON

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Enchanting surroundings and breathtaking scenery are some of the highlights when you stay at our beautiful cottage. The central theme - "Peaceful Relaxation"
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French River Cottage Rental
North Of The 46th
French River Cottage Rental
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French River Cottage Rental
French River Cottage Rental